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1)  How many board members can I vote for in this election?  
        Each voting member (JA parent or guardian) may vote for up to two new board members.

2)  Do I need a password to vote?  
        No.  But you will need to enter your child's full legal name for verification purposes.

3)  I don't want to vote online.  Can I vote by paper ballot in the office?  
        No.  You may only vote by paper ballot at the Member's meeting, May 16, at 5:30 pm.

4)  Can I vote by proxy?  
        No.  Voting must be done by each individual member either online or by paper ballot.

5)  How many people per family can vote?  
        Each parent and legal guardian is considered of member of JA and should vote in this election.

6)  Why is it important to vote?  
        Our school is guided through a parent-led board that sets goals with the administration and helps direct our school towards excellence in line with our school's mission and vision.

7)  Can two people in the same household vote at two different times?
        Yes.  You may use two different browsers or two different devices (smart phone, tablet, another computer, etc).  You may also vote together at the same time.