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March 23, 2012

Our building plan  was approved by the City and County of Broomfield. The bids will be going out soon for construction. We have not closed on the Bonds yet, but expect to do so the week after Easter. We will not be moving into the new building in August, however, the school year will start at the usual time in August, 2012.   The Board is working on the contingency plan and we will be announcing exactly where everyone will be very soon. We cannot release information about this as we are in negotiations with several parties. We know that rumors get started very easily, and some of them are really fantastical. One thing we can assure you, we will not be having "online" school for the first semester of next year.


On Tuesday, February 28th,  Jefferson Academy appeared before the Broomfield City Council.  Our plans passed unanimously and we were welcomed with great enthusiasm by City Council members.  Dustin Jones (Educational Facilities Solutions, LLC) and Travis Bostic (SlaterPaull Architects) presented the plans for the site, including improvements to the infrastructure, and drawings of the building on the site.  Mrs. Stringari spoke to the history of Jefferson Academy and our accomplishments in education.  Several parents from our community spoke in favor of the site and expressed gratitude for the educational opportunities JA provides to its students.  No one spoke in opposition of the proposed school.


Three questions emerged from the meetings that need clarification.


  • The first question deals with the railroad tracks.  The vibrations from the trains will not affect the school as they pass by.  Our building will be at least 400 hundred feet from the tracks.


  • The second question is whether we are in a flood plain.  We are not.  The flood plain is 700 feet south of our property.


  • The third concern is about the wind.  We are in a high wind zone, but our design team, JHL/SlaterPaull, has addressed the issue.  We are installing a roof specifically manufactured for high wind zones.  Our outside commons space is protected from the wind on three sides.


Your Board is meeting two to three times each week to find acceptable facility solutions for our students until the new Secondary school is ready.  At this time, we plan to keep the Elementary students on our current campus.


 We are exploring several options for the Secondary.  Do we move a part of the secondary body, the entire secondary body, or do we all stay on our current campus until our new building is ready?  Plans are fluid and subject to change.


We know that rumors are rampant.  We can assure our secondary parents that secondary students will not have “online” school the first semester of the 2012-2013 school year.


We are working diligently to make the best decisions for the entire Jefferson Academy Community.  We would appreciate any inquiries be made directly to the Board at jaboardofdir@hotmail.com.


We’ve had an overwhelming response to open enrollment!  More than 260 students want to join the JA family.  Because of the interest expressed across grade levels, the Board of Directors has approved the addition of one classroom to each grade level (1st-6th).   For Kindergarten, we’ll provide two full-day sections, two morning sections and one afternoon section.
Jefferson Academy Board of Directors
Cheryl Atencio
Linda Capan
Carleen Clark
Charlotte Franson
Jeff Haynes
Paul Langer
Diana Lewis
Lance Vierra

The Jefferson Academy Board of Directors and Principals held a community meeting on Tuesday, November 29 at 6:00 p.m. in the secondary commons regarding Board approval of relocating the junior and senior high schools and allowing the elementary to expand its enrollment.

1. Determination. The board has voted, as a primary goal to seek the relocation of the secondary school. It has been approved by the board; however, it will depend on many factors, including cost, ability to finance, and other factors.

2. Location. We are looking for a location as close to the current site as possible. Certain factors, including size, price, and how much development may be needed of each potential site will affect the final determination.

3. Staggered Start Times. Start and end times are currently staggered. We will make an adjustment of these depending on new site location.

4. Size of Schools. The elementary is estimated to expand to four rounds of each grade. This will be a phased growth, and will reduce class sizes after the first year or two. There are no plans to increase the size of the secondary school at this time. There are already 3 sections of the junior high, and 4 sections of the senior high, so additional students coming up through the ranks would be accommodated for several years. Theoretically, we would only be adding one section of 7th graders in the future.

5. Timeline. The timeline of the relocation, will depend on many factors, the most important of which will be locating a feasible and affordable site. This will dictate the time frame for acquisition, construction, and a move. The board and administration will be determining fairly quickly the estimated timeline after initial review of availability of sites in the market.

New families that are interested in enrolling their child(ren) in the elementary are encouraged to fill out the Letter of Interest and submit this form to the school (303.438.1046 - fax). Please note that you will still need to participate in Choice Open Enrollment January 4 - 24, 2011.


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